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Olga Iglesias Project: Advancing Puerto Rican Legacy in Classical Music with Educational Recitals

Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican music nonprofit, the Olga Iglesias Project, took a significant stride in its mission to promote Puerto Rican legacy in classical music with a resounding educational recital on May 18th at the School of the Republic of Colombia in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Focused on advancing the heritage through artist sponsorship, music education in schools, and digital media, the project showcased the immense talent of the Olga Iglesias Fellows. These emerging artists, all seasoned in classical voice, led the educational recital, delivering both spellbinding performances and informative context on Puerto Rican classical music repertoire. The event served as a deep dive into the pivotal figures in the history of Puerto Rican classical voice and an homage to their indelible impact on the music landscape.

This initiative caught the attention of WAPA-TV’s reporter, Katiria Soto, who delivered an in-depth televised segment interviewing the Olga Iglesias Fellows about their journey as classical musicians in Puerto Rico. The reporter also captured testimonials from students, with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive. The young attendees not only were treated to a live performance but also received an educational experience that is unparalleled in its depth and connection to Puerto Rican roots.

In light of the successful event, Anthony Cheney Guzmán, Founder and Executive Director of the Olga Iglesias Project, expressed his sentiments. “Music, especially classical music, is a testament to our rich Puerto Rican culture and history. With every note and every lesson, we aim to keep this legacy alive and thriving. Watching our fellows inspire the next generation of artists and aficionados is truly a heartening sight.”

The Olga Iglesias Project continues to champion the cause of Puerto Rican classical music and looks forward to more such events that bridge the past and the present, celebrating the island’s vibrant musical tapestry.