Our Mission

Olga Iglesias Project promotes the classical music legacy of Puerto Rico through education, artist sponsorship and digital media.

1962 Performance of "El Pessebre" at the Casals Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

From left to right: Maureen Forrester, mezzo-soprano; Olga Iglesias, soprano; Pablo Casals, composer & conductor; Paulino Saharrea, tenor; Raymond Murcell, baritone; William Warfield, bass.

Who we are

Olga Iglesias Project, established as a nonprofit organization dedicated to arts education and registered under as a 501(c)(3) and PR1101 entity, educates the Puerto Rican school community and the public through a series of educational recitals on the classical vocal genre, its history, and styles. We use the historical collection of Olga Iglesias, a renowned Puerto Rican soprano, and the educational materials from the Metropolitan Opera’s Education Department, thanks to a collaborative agreement with this prestigious organization.

The facilitators of the educational recitals, who are professional-level singers accepted into the Olga Iglesias Project Fellowship program, also perform live demonstrations of Puerto Rican and traditional repertoire, accompanied by a pianist. These resources are used with the fundamental purpose of enriching the youth with knowledge of Puerto Rico’s deep cultural heritage and vast talent in this field.


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