Educational Recitals

We educate the local school community of Puerto Rico through a series of educational recitals on the vocal classical genre, styles, and its history in Puerto Rico. Through all of our recitals, we use as visual reference the historical collection of OIP and the educational materials from the Metropolitan Opera’s Educational Program, thanks to a collaborative agreement with this prestigious organization.

The workshop leaders are professional-level classical singers who are accepted into the OIP Fellowship Program along with occasional guest artists. They also perform live demonstrations of Puerto Rican and traditional repertoire, accompanied by a pianist.

The teacher or group leader can choose from the following recitals to present to their students:

  • Our Voices: A Vocal Portrait of International and Puerto Rican Music: Offers a live exploration of national and international music for vocal performance, highlighting the different vocal registers through the work of prominent Puerto Rican classical voice stars. Recommended for intermediate and higher levels.

  • Opera Through the Ages: A Recital of History and Music: Features live performances of iconic arias from different periods while discussing their evolution and styles. Recommended for intermediatse and higher levels. s

  • Who Will Be the Next Opera Star? A humorous contest among the singer workshop leaders, demonstrating the participants' knowledge and skill. Recommended for elementary level.

All students attending the recitals will have the opportunity to attend a free broadcast of a Metropolitan Opera performance in the cinema (HD Live in School). Subject to availability.

Application for OIP Educational Recital
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